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T001X - Coexist Symbols Interfaith Unisex T-Shirt (CLOSEOUT)

T001X - Coexist Symbols Interfaith Unisex T-Shirt (CLOSEOUT)

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T001 - Coexist Symbols Interfaith Unisex T-Shirt (CLOSEOUT COLORS)

The original Coexist! Closeout colors while supplies last. White text reads "Coexist" depicted in interfaith religious and social symbols representing each letter. This original Coexist design was inspired by an earlier version from Polish artist Piotr Mlodozeniec, who had designed a word/symbol piece with the three monotheistic faiths. Our concept includes seven symbols:

"C" - The crescent moon with a star is commonly understood to represent Islam; but the moon and star symbol also identify with Diana, a Greek Moon Goddess of ancient times.

"o" - The ubiquitous Peace symbol

"e" - Jerry Jaspar's original e-quality 'e'. A male and a female symbol are attached to the e to represent equality between the sexes

"x" - The Jewish Star of David

"i" - The dot on the 'i' is represented by the Pagan / Wiccan Pentacle / Pentagram.

"s" - A Taoist yin yang.

"t" - A Christian Cross.

This forms what Ralph Bronner, philosopher-soap maker calls a 'one word poem, which expresses everything Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap labels say, but in just three syllables.'

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