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About Us

We're ALL Peacemongers!

If you're on this page, we share a hope for Peace. We capitalize the word Peace throughout our site, since we
have something of a reverence for the concept. We understand human history is marked by war, conquest, outrageous interventions 
by government and military forces in sovereign nations with no regard or accountability for human life, limb, or property. In spite of 
overwhelming odds, we all have a voice and an ability to do something. Having an artistic background, a computer and a few friends,
Peacemonger began as my voice. I'm Jerry Jaspar. If we've met somewhere in the world, it is a pleasure to meet again here. I hope we 
can make something positive and creative happen together. began in 2003. Something about invading multiple foreign nations - again - overseas without so much as 'due process' inspired me to want to do SOMETHING to speak for the option of Peace. After hosting local vigils and attending rallies, I was asked by my local Peace group, South Valley Peace Center, to design a billboard: 'STOP War' along Hwy 99 prior to the impending invasion of Iraq. In the process of brainstorming, quite a few good ideas were rejected. It became clear to me, thousands and millions of small billboards may last longer than one large sign...

As the invasion proceeded and weeks turned to months, many vigils and Peace rallies brought millions of people into the streets all over the globe. I heard destiny's call and began brainstorming bumper sticker ideas inspired by so many signs, songs, and passion of the time.

'Peacemonger' was a name given to me by a work supervisor who was a Republican advocate for all out invasion. During a heated conversation on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq, Floyd ended a conversation with “Have a nice day, you Peacemonger!” 
It was the spark I was looking for. Of the first ten designs I printed, the ‘Peacemonger’ sticker became the best seller.

Peacemonger was born. Our gratitude and humility to all who have shared the Peacemonger journey.

Thirteen years later, and we have succeeded in pioneering a genre in graphic design, and permeated 
pop culture with our original SYMBOLglyphs. The ‘Coexist’ being the first, and most popular, we have
designed dozens of word-poems created in religious, musical, mathematical, and many other kinds of 
symbols. Our creativity knows no bounds. Besides making up inspirational quote designs, parodies to
make you smile, and beautiful artwork on a number of quality products, we also design and custom 
print with a wide array of possibilities. Thank you for your support! We look forward to serving you.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to enlighten ourselves as well as others. Drawing inspiration from the human condition, and it’s timeless place within the history of Nature, we create and distribute messages and designs which convey and invoke messages with a positive, peaceful, and socially just bias. Universal languages we employ often in our design work include esoteric, musical, religious, natural, and spiritual symbolism. Always open to collaboration, we invite your creative energy. We love to blend, mold, and distill ideas with other people and companies. We've always been inspired by and love to work with bands, festivals, artists, and shops of all kinds. 

We have capacity to design and produce stickers, paper prints, labels and more. Our goal is to help you to help ourselves and pass it on to the world in compassion and light. Win-win-win is always the best outcome.

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