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A letter from a Peacemonger 

Posted by Jerry Jaspar on 11/14/2013 to War and Corruption
On November 13, 2013, I received the following letter from a high school student in California: 

"Dear Mr. Jaspar,

Many of the countries are in war because of religion. As of May 2013 there are a reported number of 15 main countries which are not granted freedom of religion.(John Draper) Ironically most these countries are in the middle east, where most the problems have been in the last 15 years. If there was freedom of religion many would find their peace from within. 

Many influential people all over the world have tried to promote peace and it really does make a difference. Most Notably Mahatma Gandhi inspired Indians to Independence through a path of non-violence. To Gandhi, the road to the goal was as important as the goal itself. (Biography Online) His messages are still very strong today.

Mr. Jaspar's products are a great way of spreading the that world peace is our best solution. Nobody likes wars, people die, communities and families are destroyed, and a lot of money is needed. The message of World Peace is being spread but the impact could even be greater than it is now. Vision of Humanity has conducted a map showing which countries have the most world peace and countries such as Australia and Canada are at the top of the list. (Vision of Humanity) With World Peace we can better the world, lessen the chances of war and have more creative ideas. I will continue to support your message  because I believe even I can make a difference.


Lida Khoshniat-Rad."

 It is truly heart touching to receive a letter like this, and to see that young people are taking in active roll in campaigning for peace. 

The sad truth about war, Lida, is the fact most wars are for profit, and the war makers USE religions and politics to sell their products...
The people who make bombs and bullets really don't care what people believe in spiritual terms. Their concern is to make sure there are ongoing battles... over faith, over land, over drugs... as long as there are people USING their product. They CREATE false events... or use world media to falsely REPORT what happened to incite fear and they actually get GOOD PEOPLE to support the battles... people who would otherwise be friends and associates in trade, love, and life.

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